Loyalty to the Milk Guild

The Milk Guild is built on the ethical principle of saving the Canaanites from extinction, but also on the economical incentive of toppling the 'Big Potion' industry, with the much more natural and sustainable magic milk. It is time to expose the corrupted roots of the 'Big Potion' industry and what its capitalistic nature has brought on the populace.

We, The People, say it's enough.

Today, we are announcing the beginning of how members holding Forgotten Runes assets can actually participate in this battle if they are willing to join us and reap the rewards.

Introducing: Milk Guild Season 1

For the duration of 1 month, the Milk Guild will launch many quests associated with Forgotten Runes and the guild itself.

Completing these quests of different difficulty will earn you loyalty towards the Milk Guild in the form of milk points.

At the end of the season, your position on the loyalty leaderboard will dictate how many tries you have at opening a mystery box of various treasures.

The Quests

Galxe will be used to automatically track the different off-chain and on-chain actions associated with the quests, and reward users with loyalty points.

The Milk Guild Space can be found here:

Quests can include, but not limited to:


The Rewards

The mystery box will contain multiple NFTs with different minting probability. It is currently planned that the NFTs would represent Milk Guild ‘roles’ used for clout or milk potion pixel art.

If anyone is willing to participate in the initiative please feel free to reach out in the #milk-guild Discord channel. NFTs could represent various rewards such as:

Open to any other suggestions!