The Great Hunt and how the Milk Guild came to be

Typical Canaanite village, Grasslands, before The Great Hunt. Canaanites were living secluded from the rest of the population, keeping their culture and believes to themselves

Typical Canaanite village, Dry lands, before The Great Hunt

Typical Canaanite village, Great Plains, before The Great Hunt

Canaanite Idol, revered as a deity by the old tribes. Canaanites believe they are direct descendants, explaining their attunement to magic

Depiction of a Canaanite Idol creating the universe, a belief shared within the oldest Canaanite tribes

Depiction of a Canaanite Idol creating the universe

Brewmaster coming into contact and experimenting with a Canaanite Idol

As Canaanite Idol meat was found to provide magical powers to those who would eat it, rich clans started to hunt them and organize eating parties

After discovering that cheaper and more sustainable Canaanite Milk would compete with the Big Potion Industry's products, it was believed that they made a pact to fund the Canaanite meat lobby

Anti-Canaanite propaganda was painted and distributed by Big Potion in order to rally the population against falsely represented pagan practices, meant to scare them

Propaganda showing a Canaanite Idol destroying a city

Propaganda showing a Canaanite Idol destroying a city

Canaanite Idols being eradicated during the Great Hunt

Last known Canaanite Idol being exterminated during the Great Hunt

Once Idols were gone, the Meat industry started to focus on Canaanites. More supply meant cheaper products. The rich class could now exclusively eat Cananite meat, often wearing their horns, falsely believing it would give them more power

Canaanite meat advertisement poster. A propaganda campaign was started to portray Canaanites as both bloodthirsty beasts, and delicious guilt-free food

Canaanite meat processing factory

Canaanite meat processing line

Propaganda poster depicting Canaanites as eating children

Propaganda poster

Propaganda posters were even depicting Canaanite children as being evil

Initially, futile attemps were made to try and compare how Canaanite Milk would be a much more sustainable source than its meat

Slain Canaanites, hung in the streets of the Citadel and positionned like sitting dogs in order to make them appear as more animalistic than humanoids

Canaanite Idols trophies, proudly displayed in the Big Potion HQ before such displays were banned

Canaanite village being destroyed by Big Potion militia

Big Potion executive overlooking the destruction of a city that was helping Canaanites hide

Big Potion propaganda falsely representing Canaanite Milk being used for dark rituals

Big Potion propaganda perpetrating the conspiracy that drinking Canaanite Milk would eventually transform you

Big Potion trying to replicate the effects of Canaanite milk

Potions were often sold on the same shelves as Canaanite skulls

Potions and Canaanite skulls, a marketing ploy to try and associate potion effects with Canaanite magical power

Canaanite skull trophies were at a point so numerous, that they were selling for less than a loaf of bread

Canaanite found in a study tank during a Big Potion HQ raid

Big Potion executive admiring his trophies

As Canaanites became lone nomads, some had to bond with familiars as they have an innate desire for companionship. This led to the attunement of their magical powers.

Chased from his village, a canaanite traveling with friendly merchants

Canaanite hiding with homeless urchins within the sewers of the Citadel

Traveler discovering the magical benefits of Canaanite milk

Troup of Canaanites pitching the benefits of their milk in a local tavern

Canaanite negociating for the right of forming a sub-guild of the Merchants Guild, which would grant them Realm protection by law

Canaanite presenting the Merchants Guild protection treaty to Big Potion executives

Canaanite's baby orphanage celebrating their long-due era of peace. A Lot of Canaanites were made orphans after the Great Hunt

First official meeting of the Milk Guild

First secondary chapter of the Milk Guild meeting together

First Canaanite Milk distillery in action

First legal Canaanite Milk shop

Second Canaanite Milk derivative factory built

One of the many Canaanite Milk shops in many cities accross the Forgotten Realms

First industrialized Canaanite Milk factory opened in The Citadel

Canaanite Milk main storage depot

Paid bards singing about the magic benefits of Canaanite Milk

Canaanite Milk Guild chairman being portrayed for the first time on the cover of Citadel Business magazine

First official Canaanite gold millionaire, thanks to a genetic anomaly making his Milk twice as nutritious

Owner of Curd Inc., also known as the 'Cheese Baron'