Forgotten Runes is all about Proof of Lore, which is derived from the artistic expression of stories, poems, drawings, roleplaying, etc.

Not everyone is an expert writer or painter, but there are other innovative ways to bring to life your lore.

Proof Of Milk is about the idea of bringing smart contracts as a new creative medium, and even though there is no functional backend, only the concept is needed to bring attention and paint a picture.

What's Next

I would be satisfied at ending the concept of Proof of Milk at this stage, but if anyone is willing to collaborate and make this a reality, please join the Milk Guild or reach out to me on Discord DrPoplovski#7533.

I am also open to building something more inclusive, or alternate Dapps for other types of Wizards. Maybe anyone could stake their Wizard, no matter their head type, and conjure Tokens that can be used to mint potions or spells.

Brainstorm list:

  • Fixed inflation of staking rewards Tokens, split equally between wizards staked.

  • Maybe halvenings that reduce inflation to incentivize early stakers

  • Rune or Wizard type has an influence on the magic properties of the conjured potions/spells