What is the Milk Guild?

The Milk Guild is built on the ethical principle of saving the Canaanites from extinction, but also on the economical incentive of toppling the 'Big Potion' industry, with the much more natural and sustainable magic milk. It is time to expose the corrupted roots of the 'Big Potion' industry and what its capitalistic nature has brought on the populace.

We, The People, say it's enough.

Not exclusive to Canaanites, we welcome anyone who wants to embark on this journey to destroy the resulting plutocracy that has scourged us. No more will we be forced to pay life-saving potions at 10x their worth in gold, or become potion guinea pigs as a last resort to poverty. Some even say that the Canaanite meat lobby has been founded by 'Big Potion' as a way to eradicate their competition.

Join us.

In Milk we Trust

Thick and tender savory slice,

I can’t resist, but take a bite.

At this moment, I see the light,

What have I done, this wasn’t right.

Geomancer Moloch I will join,

Help abolish tenderloin.

Those beasts will live another night,

Come on brethren’s, join the fight.

How, how to steer away from the forbidden fruit,

When so many worships this precious loot.

How, how do we convince a barbarian brute;

Well easy, we just find the right substitute.

If this is what it takes to end the slaughter,

Canaanites will show their deepest secret.

For them it’s viewed as holy water,

For us it’s milk, you just drink it.

We still don’t know where it comes from,

For all I know it’s from their bum.

One thing for sure, no need for rum,

You’ll feel as drunk, as a suburban mom.

One bottle will feed you a day,

They say it keeps the kobolds away.

So put your purse, on the table,

Canaanite Milk, so sustainable.

Make sure it’s warm, not cold,

For you will know your sip is fresh;

Superior, then rotting flesh.

Bring to your lips, this white gold.

Milk, cereal, and a wooden spoon,

Reading the latest Forgotten Runes.

Where have you been all those years,

The cream of your kin, to you I cheer.

For those of you imbued with magic,

It’s time to not feel so lethargic.

Yes this milk you can conjure,

What you will get, you can’t be sure.

Have a go, cast a spell,

The milk will grow, change its smell.

For you don’t know, what you will find;

Bear in mind, might make you blind.

Your interest, I know is piqued,

As each outcome will be unique.

More and more milk you will seek,

Drink every week and you will leek.

From the caves of the platonic shadow,

All the way to the edge of the Hollow.

To this nectar, you will kneel and bow,

Reborn a collector you will vow.

In Milk we Trust is your new motto.


Milk Guild Members