Help us save the Canaanites!
Over the past 50 years, 230 000 Canaanites have been hunted for their meat. Although delicious when cooked right, it is still unrecognized that their Milk provides higher nutrition in a much more sustainable package. Just one Bottle of Canaanite Milk can feed you for a whole day! Join the Milk Guild in spreading the Gospel and help save the Canaanites. #ProofOfMilk.




Listen to what they have to say about Canaanite Milk

Ice Mage Talon


"The real magic is in the bosoms of those making this mouth-coating delicacy! (Would have been 5/5 if they had Chocolate)"

Magus Hothor of the Wood


"Milk so good that you'll wonder why all the wizards canaanites are male"

Magus Wazir of the Mount


"...🔔! 🔔! 🔔!"

Sorcerer Ilyas of the Fey


"Ahhh Caananite Milk! Once you get past the taste, you caananite stop drinking it - likely due to it's inebriating effect!"